About My DNA Edge



Our mission at My DNA Edge is to empower YOU to optimise your genetic expression for High Performance.  High Performance Health requires the connection of a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.  Here at My DNA Edge we are passionate about combining the latest science with time honoured holistic practices to give you the practical online tools and resources to help you optimise your energy, health and performance.


Unlock The Power Inside You


While we share 99% of our DNA with our fellow humans, it is that 1% that makes each of us unique.

A simple 60 second at home salivary test can unlock the secrets of your DNA so that you can customise your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle to achieve optimal health and energy and limit your risk of chronic disease.

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Uniquely Tailored To You

You are not everyone else. You are unique. 

At My DNA Edge, we teach you how to work with your biology and genetics to achieve High Performance Health. 

This is NOT "a one size fits all" fitness programme or diet to follow for a few months.  This is about unlocking the power within you so that you can achieve unparalleled levels of energy, health and performance.




Max Chilton, Athlete


“I have been working Angela Foster and My DNA Edge for the last couple of months. It’s super easy and hugely worthwhile. All you need to do is a saliva swab and you will receive a huge amount of info regarding your DNA and what is the best way for you to train and eat for your body.”  

Caithy, Manchester


“Angela has been coaching me for a month now based on my unique DNA profile & already I’ve seen astounding results! More energy, less scared of food & hoping to finally achieve my dream of running a marathon without getting injured! Thanks Angela & very excited about the rest of the journey.” 

Charlie H, London


“Going through the DNA results with Angela was fantastic. 

I now have an incredibly accurate plan from My DNA Edge to implement, nutritionally and mentally, so that I can do everything in my power to be the best I can be. This wouldn’t be possible without Angela and her team's knowledge and help.”  

Natalie W, London


“Having my DNA tested with My DNA Edge was a huge eye opener for me. I discovered that I have a variant of the VDR gene that means an increased risk of low bone mineral density with high caffeine intake. I now stick to no more than one or two cups of tea/coffee per day and ensure I get plenty of Vitamin D.”  

Michael DJ, London


“Following the results of the test I was able to gain superior results than I have been able to obtain with a personal trainer.  I found it so invaluable that I purchased a My DNA Edge package for my wife, my two eldest sons and also three of my Senior Managers to ensure that they perform at the highest level.  If you want to achieve peak levels of energy, health and performance you need to get a My DNA Edge plan and coaching with Angela to customise your fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to your genetics.”  

AJ Mihrzad, NYC


“Angela is an Amazing coach! After Angela's guidance and going through her process I was quite surprised of how effective it was! Her program has helped me to put on lean muscle and lose bodyfat at the same time. After all these years of trial and error she has helped me to formulate the perfect plan for me!”  AJ Mihrzad, New York